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holiday homes to let in the the Morvan, the heart of Burgundy, Terms of Reservation

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If you have any questions about a house, please contact us
Christian-Sandra+33 6 63 78 31 92 ,
mail: info@gites-morvan.com


  • You fill in the form on this site. With that you automatically agree to these reservation conditions.
  • After we've received your reservation application, we'll send you an affirmation within a few days by mail, with the invoice for the total charge amount.
  • After we have received the mentioned downpayment within the set period (generally 10 days), your reservation is definite. Your bank duplicate is your proof of reservation. You receive from us no more affirmation.

  • In the week before your reservation we'll send you a route description and possibly other information on the house. This goes by mail.
  • 2. Hiring periods
    The hiring period is 1 week minimum (unless agreed on differently) and starts depending on your choice on Saturday or Sunday at 16.00PM and ends on Saturday or Sunday at 10.00 AM. Off seasons it is also possible to rent a few days longer or shorter. A tender will be made for you.

    3. Payment
    The advance payment amounts 30% of the total hiring amount and must be in our possession within 7 days after the invoice has been sent (by e-mail). The moment you have payed within the due delay your reservation is definite. The remainder of the hiring sum must be payed at the latest two months before the start of your hiring period. If the (remaining) hiring amount is not payed in due time, the owner has the right to cancel the hiring contract. The advance payment will not be returned (see article 7).
    Reservations a month for commencement of the hiring period the total hiring sum must be satisfied directly after reception of the invoice. The total hiring sum must in any cse have been satisfied before you can enter your holiday house.

    4. Guarantee sum
    For the use of a holiday house a guarantee sum of € 200, - has to be paid. This sum must have been paid at the latest a month before the hiring period. Within 5 days after your departure we'll return you this amount on your account after deducting costs (for example heating costs, tel. costs, crack or damage).

    5. Energy
    Normal consumption of water and electricity is at the expense of the owner.
    The electricity consumption (heating) will be at the expense of the tenant. (Next independent meter in the cottage).

    6. Tourist tax
    The French government charges a tourist tax which we must charge you for your stay.

    7. Annulment
    At annulment after you us have sent a reservation form we charge you €25, - administrative costs. At annulment, in writing done up to 2 months before the first hiring date, we'll return you 50% of the advanced payment. At annulment shorter than two months and longer than one month in avance, you'll receive no reservation money retour. At annulment shorter than a month before the hiring date the whole hiring sum will be charged. We recommend you take a cancellation insurance.

    8. Cleaning
    The final claening is obligatory. For the rates consult our page rates. On urgent request an exception can be made in consultation with us. Even if the final cleaning will be taken care of by us , the house has to be left tidy, and in the same state that you found it: the refuse in the municipality containers, the glass in the glass containers, and the furniture where you found it. Any costs originating from the house not being left in the state hereabove described will be charged at the renter.

    9. Linen for kitchen, bath and bed
    You can bring everything yourself. In some houses it is also possible to rent linen. Fot rates: see our reservation form.

    10 Pats
    The bringing of pats is only permitted in consultation with us and comes with additional costs.

    11. Maximum number of persons
    The maximum number of persons in a holyday house can be exceeded in some cases, and only in consultation with us. Sometimes additional costs will be charged.

    12. Control inventory
    Directly after arrival the tenant must check the inventory on presence, on good function and/or present damage. If within 24 hours after commencement of the hiring period no report has been done of inadequacies, it is assumed that all was in order and is the tenant as from that moment on responsible for this inventory.

    13. Liability
    During the stay the tenant is responsible for the rented house, and everything that comes with it. We can not accept any liability or accept responsibility for damage and inconveniences arising from unexpected events or mismanagement by the tenant, for the tenant and others in or at the rented house.
    For inconveniences from interim changes in situations of force majeur and that occur outside our fault or knowledge we cannot accept any liability.

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